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Component Database

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To allow for cost comparison across different sources, ASHRAE 90.2 and DEER original datasets are converted from 2008 to 2011 dollars using the National Construction Cost Index.

HVAC Systems
Electrostatic filtration
Media Air Cleaners
Air conditioning system
Blanket type duct insulation
Geothermal Water to Water
PV Arrays
Battery Cables
Battery Temp Sensor
Charge controller
Charge controller T80
Controller to Battery Cables
GEL battery
Intermodule Cables
Inverter Cables
Mounting rail
Solar battery
Solar Module
Wired Remote Display
Wireless Remote Display
Sun Control Devices
Window awnings
Testing and Balancing
Testing and Balancing: HVAC Systems
Condenser coils
Refrigerant charge
Ventilation only
Water Heating Systems
Instantaneous WH (Faithful + Gould)
Liquid Propane Water heater - Liquid Propane Water heater
Solar Assisted WH
Wind Energy Supply System
Hybrid Wind/Solar Power System