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Building Component Cost Community (BC3) Database

The Building Component Cost Community (BC3) database provides costs for primary building components, including walls, fenestration, equipment, and energy efficiency measures. Component costs may vary by location and manufacturer, and may change over time. To capture the dynamic nature of the cost data, this database will be linked with several user-input software tools.

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By opting-in to BC3’s registration, you will be able to assist us in the future with database design and contribute further data, as needed. You will also receive notifications of major database updates and supplemental information. The registration profile includes an option to sign up for additional newsletters. These newsletters will keep you posted on software updates, energy code news, and analysis related to energy code requirements.

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Please register and log in as a registered user if you would like to contribute to the database by providing cost data. To submit cost data to BC3, please use the Data Input Form.

What's New


BC3 is a publicly available repository of building component costs. It serves as the ultimate source of the energy-related component costs for DOE’s residential code development activities, including cost-effectiveness analyses. The residential cost-effectiveness methodology requires that incremental efficiency measure costs be used to evaluate and compare the induced cost and energy savings resulting from changes in energy code requirements. Data inputs for establishing these incremental costs are based predominantly on the Faithful+Gould independent cost estimates contained in the BC3 database. Detailed information about the cost-effectiveness analysis, as well as the input files and final results, is available on the BECP website.

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